The Ice Hockey team Les Spartiates ascended to the highest league of the French Championship, the Ligue MAGNUS, in the year 2023.

This year, we are the Official Filmmaker for the team and have been responsible for producing multiple original video contents for the professional club:

  • Filming during the Media Day.
  • Recording during the most crucial matches of the season.
  • Creating the official Player Presentation video.
  • Crafting the official Player Entrance video, played at the beginning of each match on giant screens.
  • Original creation of over 70 videos for each player, including introductions, goal celebrations, and MVP moments.
  • Developing numerous original videos for social media.

Official Player Presentation and Entrance Video:

Here are various videos specialized for social media, featuring my original S&T style, an immersive approach designed to capture the viewer’s attention quickly.

Three new original player presentation videos, covering defense, offense, and goalkeeper positions, designed for social media, incorporating morphing and AI (artificial intelligence) techniques.

These videos are samples of the type of content for social media broadcasted at each match during player presentations and celebrations, showcasing the S&T style and incorporating artificial intelligence (AI).

Finally, three teasers from the official player presentation. And more content will be coming soon…