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They trust us

« The video is fantastic! I love the images, truly! Wow! Once again, a huge thank you. The film is fantastic, and our team loves it! Being able to do this in such a setting is a first for us, and we are more than happy with the result. »

Marketing Director, DUO Sports Brand

Julia Gully

« Wow, really great, there is talent, Bravo! Your videos are good and original, they stand out, you have a knack, and you have managed to develop your style!!!»

Filmmaker & Photographer (Porsche, Volkswagen, MSI Brands)


« You really manage to capture the small details that convey emotion, hats off! It’s really cool, I appreciate that your perspective is not focused on sports performance but more on the experience of the game, the match, the event. As someone not particularly interested in sports, you manage to touch and engage me! »

Professional Graphic Designer, AL Company

Angeline Ladoire

« Wow, it looks really good ! It’s magnificent, beautiful immersive work. Transitions & storytelling are great. I love how you convey emotions in such a compelling way. »

Official Content Creator of DJI & Adobe Brands

Andras Ra

« Love it ! Great content! We are looking for content creators like you ! We pointed out your content as Very Great. We keep pushing your Top content. »

Marketing Direction, Volleyball WORLD Beach Pro Tour

Ace Asas

« Wow, Yeah amazing! Sick Vid. Really nice Story Telling. I think that you did was awesome ! »

Latvia Official Beach-Volley Team, Rank 4 World (2023)

Tina Graudina & Anastajia Samoilova

« Really great work ! I love your work and the feeling you convey in your videos. It is really good! I’m always admiring! Congratulations! »

Official Speaker, World Beach Pro Tour

Yoan Crouzillat

« We really love your original content in the Trend !!! »

Digital Marketing Manager, Beach VolleyBall Majors

Anna-Maria Thaller

« Wow this is a Great video, that’s EPIC !! »

Norway Official Beach-Volley Team, Rank 1 World (2023)

Anders Mol & Christian Sorum

« Oh yeah, Great Job, Amazing, nothing to say, that really dopes. »

Qatar Official Beach-Volley Team, Rank 3 World (2023)

Cherif Younousse & Ahmed Tijan

Who I am ?

Filmmaker, videographer and photographer, I am a creator of original videos specializing in producing dynamic and immersive short formats.

I have created the brand Creativ’ Emotion, which represents the genesis of this unique S&T style with a strong emotional sensitivity.

Specializing in the creation of original video content in the fields of Corporate, Sports and Brands, we assist you in creating the video YOU need by supporting you throughout your project, from the briefing and filming to the editing process.

We stand out in creating impactful short formats ranging from a few seconds to less than a minute, perfectly tailored for social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts).

Exemples : Sport Hockey Brand Moto Corporate Banque

“More than just a video, we tell your story.”

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How do We Work ?

Because emotions are the most powerful way to communicate, we employ Storytelling and Brain Modus Operandi (BMO) techniques to effectively convey the message about your product and promote YOUR Brand. Through storytelling, we aim to make your audience observe, identify, project, and feel motivated to take action. Each of our videos is designed to provide viewers with an essential dose of dopamineoxytocinserotonin, and endorphins, in order to amplify the power of our message.

We utilize high-quality professional equipment, including hybrid cameras, prime and zoom lenses, onboard cameras, stabilizers, drones, lighting equipment, and microphones.

Depending on the scale of the projects, we can work with a team of professionals to enhance efficiency and ensure the quality of our services and films. This team may include photographers, camera operators, sound engineers, and lighting technicians.

We also harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve our efficiency in project management and enhance our artistic creativity.

In addition to specializing in short formats, we also create longer and more corporate-oriented productions tailored to businesses. These can include interviews and cinematic presentations in a 16:9 aspect ratio.


Showreel 2024

Here is our Showreel 2024 in a specific format for Social Media: 90% of these production clips were filmed in a 9/16 aspect ratio. Here are the three key points for this very dynamic format:

  1. Short Format
  2. Immersive Style (S&T)
  3. Storytelling based on Neuroscience

The Immersive Style has been maximized for this video of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Discover our Showreel 2024 in Landscape format (16/9)…

This is ©️ Creativ’ Emotion

“Storytelling with Emotions & Immersion”

“Images that tell Your Story”