My story

Since a young age, I have been drawn to visual arts and have developed a sense of aesthetics and storytelling throughout my professional career and personal life.

Being highly attuned to movement and the 3D spatial environment, I have learned to capture the moment with my artistic eye, resulting in original images that naturally complement each other.

My focus is on capturing the inspiring action, while genuinely portraying your stories, emotions, and sensations, aiming to deliver more than just a simple video.

My past

I have developed skills in the visual and artistic world.

I spent around ten years as a close-up magician, specializing in telling impactful stories. With a background in engineering in the field of 3D and graphics, I have worked for major companies such as Peugeot Citroën and Airbus. As a Project Manager in the automotive marketing sector and later as a Product Owner in the aerospace industry, I have honed my adaptability skills and gained a deep understanding of client needs.


The “S&T” Style by Creativ’ Emotion

I embrace the concept of movement, which is the key element of this style.
As a result, We have developed the “S&T” Style : Spatial & Temporal.
This style revolves around capturing movement in a multi-dimensional environment, encompassing the camera itself, individuals, and the filmed objects.
Each of my creations follows a consistent thread and transitions are built upon precise spatial movements and rhythmic temporal modifications within a 3D space.
Our “S&T” Style adds depth and dynamism to the visuals, creating a captivating and engaging experience.



I am passionate about practicing multiple sports disciplines such as kitesurfing, beach volleyball, ski touring, rock climbing, ice hockey, and many others. These experiences have allowed me to connect with high-level athletes and have fueled my strong affinity for creating dynamic images with movement.

In summary

Being attentive, efficient, and available both in France and internationally, I offer a fresh and creative dynamic perspective in video production.

Whether serving an individual, an athlete, a brand, a product, a company, or an event, my productions will help accelerate your visibility, whether through communication campaigns or storytelling and brand content for your social media platforms.

Beautiful images that tell your story.